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Financial setbacks can happen to anybody. Medical emergencies, job loss, or divorce can quickly create a mountain of debt. If you are struggling with overwhelming debt obligations, filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way to keep harassing creditors at bay, stop potential lawsuits, and provide you with some financial peace of mind.

Bankruptcy is more common than you think, and I have assisted many different people, in all walks of life, with filing for bankruptcy. You are not alone and you should not be scared or ashamed to take advantage of a debt relief option created by our government to help people suffering from financial difficulties.

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At Natasha Meruelo, Attorney at Law, I have dedicated my practice to delivering customized solutions to complex financial difficulties. As your White Plains bankruptcy attorney, I offer the personalized attention and straightforward answers you deserve when tackling your debt.

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“Natasha Meruelo is professional, knowledgable and a solid attorney. She made sure I was well informed, prepared, and empowered throughout the court process. Having her support was invaluable. I am so grateful I followed my intuition and chose her to represent me. I highly recommend her!”

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Representation

For nearly a decade, I have been assisting my clients in regaining their financial health. Declaring bankruptcy is a complicated process involving numerous legal procedures, and can be highly stressful without the proper guidance of an attorney. Issues that may seem basic may not be so simple at all. This is why you need a good attorney to take this stress off your shoulders and handle every issue in your case so you don't have to navigate the complexities alone. As a compassionate bankruptcy professional, I am your personal debt relief advocate. I can provide the reassuring counsel you require to successfully navigate through all steps of your bankruptcy proceedings.

My Westchester County bankruptcy firm can deliver the experienced legal assistance you need for numerous areas of bankruptcy, including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: This bankruptcy involves liquidating or discharging the personal liability of burdensome debt. You can eliminate personal liability for credit cards, personal loans, unsecured debts, mortgage or car payments you can no longer afford, income taxes and penalties, medical bills, and a multitude of other debts. You must pass a means test to file and I can analyze your case to make sure you are eligible.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: This bankruptcy reorganizes your debt so you can get back on track and create a reasonable payment plan to help you pay back debts you may have to repay or wish to repay. Most debts repaid in Chapter 13, such as mortgage arrears, tax debts that may not be dischargeable, or child support arrears, can be repaid at 0% interest and without further late fees or penalties. I can help you determine what your monthly payment can be during your free consultation.
  • Discharging tax debt: Some income tax liability may be completely eliminated in bankruptcy. Complex rules apply and I can help you determine if you can free yourself of this debt.
  • Loss Mitigation and Residential Foreclosure Mediation Programs: The US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York and the NY State Courts have implemented mediation programs that allow creditors and homeowners to have an opportunity to work together to reach a resolution that may allow the homeowner an affordable option to stay in their home. I can help you determine if you may be eligible for a loan modification and represent you in these proceedings.
  • Service members' Civil Relief Act (SCRA): The SCRA establishes certain procedures that must be followed in all civil proceedings in order to protect servicemember defendants. I can help defend you if these procedures have been violated or help enforce these rules and prevent a foreclosure.
  • Forestalling foreclosures: Declaring bankruptcy may delay or prevent the loss of your home in addition to providing you with an option to work with your lender to obtain a loan modification to keep your home. I can provide the honest feedback you need to decipher if this option is available to you.
  • Debt collection defense: Bankruptcy enacts an automatic stay to halt creditor collection. If you are being sued by a creditor or being harassed by a debt collector, I can deliver uncompromised legal advocacy to protect your consumer rights and stop this harassment.
  • Defense of a bankruptcy trustee lawsuit: If a bankruptcy trustee suspects you of fraud or objects to your discharge, you may be prevented from discharging your debt and getting the fresh start you were hoping for and may also be subject to criminal prosecution. I can provide the unwavering advocacy you need to challenge such allegations and help you get your discharge.

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Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

  • Bankruptcy is a legal process in which you ask the Bankruptcy Court to grant you relief from your debts. Once begun, the bankruptcy process can reverse the downward spiral of negative credit information piling up and get you on the path of taking control of your finances.

    Some of the benefits of bankruptcy include:

    • Immediately halting creditor harassment
    • Discharging credit card and other unsecured debts
    • Preventing wage garnishment and money being taken from your bank accounts
    • Lowering your income-to-debt ratio
    • Eliminating tax consequences of discharged debt
    • Possibly preventing foreclosure of your home or repossession of your car
  • The truth is most debt consolidation companies do not have your best interests at heart and often will make your debt problems worse. Frequently, clients have come to me after paying these companies hundreds of dollars with the same or more debt than they had when they first began that process.

    Many times, when you are negotiating settlements or working with a debt consolidator, you may end up getting sued by your creditors because they do not defend these lawsuits for you. Additionally, you may find yourself dealing with 1099-c tax liability for the amount of money that was "forgiven" as a result of the settlement. Imagine thinking you resolved one of your debts but are now smacked with an IRS tax bill that comes straight out of your refund, or worse, that is a bill you now owe to the IRS!

    On the other hand, debts discharged in bankruptcy are not taxable income. While it is true that filing for bankruptcy is not great for your credit, debt consolidation can have a far more devastating impact because it only delays debt payments, not resolve them. If you stop paying your bills, creditors can still report you to credit reporting agencies unless you are protected by a legal declaration of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gives you real and immediate protection from your creditors.

  • Unfortunately, obtaining a loan modification is far from straightforward. Did you know there are more than six different types of loan modifications, each with their own complex requirements? Additionally, there are quite a few factors that influence what type of a loan modification you will ultimately be eligible for, such as your income, the costs of your property taxes and insurance (escrow), and the amount of your delinquency.

    If you are seeking to change the terms of your current mortgage, a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer can help you navigate the maze of mortgage modification. As an experienced White Plains consumer defense attorney, I can provide the strategic counsel you need to successfully guide you through the process.

    My bank refuses to modify my mortgage. Can I do it on my own?
    If you are one of the many New Yorkers who own a mixed-use property, you may be able to modify your mortgage even if your bank has previously refused to do so. A common example is a multiple family home which serves as both a primary residence and rental property. If you are upside down in your mortgage payments, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to cram down your mortgage to your home's current market value. Once a more reasonable interest rate is applied to the existing balance, you may be able to pay off your mortgage quicker than you ever anticipated.

  • The right bankruptcy option depends on your unique situation. In order to obtain a discharge of your debts, you need to take an honest assessment of what assets you own or may have owned but no longer own, what debts you owe, your income and expenses, and what your past financial dealings have been like. Once you have a complete picture of your circumstances, you and your bankruptcy attorney can decide whether filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 would be suitable for you.

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Mounting debt can make you feel like your life is spinning out of control. At Natasha Meruelo, Attorney at Law, I can provide the individualized representation and skilled legal counsel you need and have a right to expect throughout your bankruptcy proceedings.

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I offer flexible appointment scheduling, including evenings and early morning appointments, upon request. All base bankruptcy services are provided at a flat fee with discounts available to members of the military and armed forces.

Natasha Meruelo, Attorney at Law, represents residents throughout New York in communities, including Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, and Rockland County. I am available to meet clients either in my White Plains or New York City office.

* This is Attorney Advertising. Natasha Meruelo, Esq., designated as a Federal Debt Relief Agent by an Act of Congress and the President of the United States, proudly assists consumers seeking relief under the US Bankruptcy Code. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome; see attached- 342b and 527a/b.

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